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Case studies

Provide students with real-world case studies of companies that have undergone digital transformation and the cybersecurity challenges they faced. Ask students to analyse the case studies and identify the digital technologies used, the benefits and drawbacks of the transformation, and the cybersecurity risks and solutions implemented.

Group discussions

Divide students into small groups and ask them to discuss the implications of digital transformation for cybersecurity. Encourage students to share their opinions and ideas about the benefits and risks of digital technologies, the importance of cybersecurity in the digital age, and the ethical and social implications of digital transformation.

Guest speakers

Invite cybersecurity experts or professionals from industries that have undergone digital transformation to speak to the class. Ask them to share their experiences and insights into the challenges and opportunities of digital transformation and cybersecurity.

Research projects

Assign students research projects on topics related to digital transformation and cybersecurity, such as the impact of artificial intelligence on cybersecurity, the role of data analytics in detecting cyber threats, or the ethical considerations of using advanced technologies in cybersecurity. Ask students to present their findings to the class and lead a discussion on the implications of their research for the future of cybersecurity and digital transformation.