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Module 3: Threats in the cyber world


This module includes an overview of the threats and risks that can occuring the online world. It provides a good insight into the history of online attacks and frauds, along with a detailed explanation of contemporary threats in an evolved, and rapidly changing digital environment.

Moreover, this module provides useful tips and important knowledge regarding personal digital hygiene, which creates the safety and security culture one must have, in order to avoid any cyber-attacks that can be harmful in many ways. This module provides important knowledge, useful tips, and examples, to cultivate the awareness of all kinds of cyber threats.

Specifically, this module is comprised of three (3) units. Firstly, Unit 1, which is the face-to-face guided learning unit, provides a brief history of cyber threats and an overview of the status of cybersecurity threats. Then, the discussion focuses on the different types of cyber threats that can be found online. Subsequently, Unit 2 which is the self-directed unit, is built around the provision of tips users can use to ensure their personal security online.  Specifically, this module introduces and discusses the personal digital hygiene routine which is based on digital practices users can adopt for minimising their encounter of cyber risks.  Lastly, this module concludes with Unit 3 which encourages learners to reflect on their learning through their engagement with the Reflective Questions included in the unit.



By the end of this module, participants should be able to achieve the following learning outcomes:

Time schedule

Time necessary for: F2F/guided learning: 1,5 hours.

Learning content (self-directed learning): 0,5 hours.

Reflection questions: 15 minutes.

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