AWARE Results

Fostering development of digital skills and mindset requires a shift toward more interactive methods of instruction and new content where teachers serve as facilitators and coaches rather than lecturers.

AWARE Knowledge Base

AWARE Knowledge Base will be a tailor-made modular content, providing an overview of the context of cybersecurity and its current and future relevance, covering relevant topics regarding raising awareness for digitalization and cyber security among VET learners and teachers.


AWARE Results - Knowledge base

AWARE Self-assessment Kit ‘’Cyber-Guardian’’

AWARE Self-assessment Kit "Cyber-Guardian", will be an interactive online game, testing the cyber safety and awareness of VET teachers and learners, recognizing their behavioural patterns, and assessing the knowledge and skills gained through the Knowledge Base and the Masterclass.


AWARE Results - Cyber Guardian

AWARE Masterclass

AWARE Masterclass will be a thoughtfully designed learning resource, introducing methods for safely navigating the digital world to both VET teachers and VET learners, in a user-friendly, captivating and easily understandable way, by using a teaching method of storytelling.

AWARE Results - Masterclass