Our school offers education of young people mainly in fields of study focused on information technology, computer networks, programming, computer graphics and information security.

We currently educate 672 students in six IT fields of study. Within the region, we provide the most secondary school graduates that can find an occupation in IT.

Every year approximately 150 of our students receive international certificates in the fields of computer networks, programming, operating systems, but also in cyber security.

At the same time we are responding to the ongoing digital transformation of industry, also known as the Industry 4.0 by introducing new fields of study at our school.

Our priority is to continue to prepare students for IT jobs, but without the support of employers’ associations this will simply not be possible. In this education a key element is professional practice, what must take place at the workplaces of individual companies. We would certainly welcome the opportunity to participate in the dual education system in the training of these specialists with some of the regional companies dealing with cyber security.

Based on the requirements and in cooperation with companies, we are to further create and adapt the content of education according to current trends in cyber security.