Aware in simple terms

We know well that ICT, information security, digital transformation, cybersecurity etc. are not easy-to-understand terms. So, let’s see Aware with new eyes.

What is it about?

The AWARE project is created to address the increased risks related to a more digitalized world in general, on the individual level and in everyday life, in school, at work, at home, and more specifically, in relation to VET, the risks coming from the digital transformation of the industry.

What should I expect?

  • AWARE Knowledge Base

The Knowledge Base will give an overview of the context of cybersecurity and its current and future relevance, covering relevant topics regarding raising awareness for digitalization and cybersecurity among VET learners and teachers.

  • AWARE Masterclass

The Masterclass will give an overview of the relevant topics regarding cyber safety in the “digital” world among VET learners and teachers. For instance, learning how to protect one from cyberbullying which is a common threat everywhere.

  • AWARE Self-assessment Kit “Cyber-Guardian”

Based on the contents of the AWARE Masterclass an interactive Self- assessment Kit ” Cyber-Guardian” will be developed to test the cyber safety of VET teachers and learners.

Is it for me?

On the first sight, VET teachers and learners are those who can benefit the most. Also, SMEs and policy experts can enjoy the potential outcome of it. But think about it…who is not at risk when is online?

Aware can benefit everyone interacting with new technologies.

Stay tuned for more news!