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Module 3: Cyberbullying and how to efficiently protect from it


This module is dedicated to the topic of cyberbullying and how to effectively protect oneself against it. It covers three main topics that will guide you through the world of cyberbullying, explaining what cyberbullying consists of. These topics will be explored in detail, and illustrations will accompany the explanations. Following the main topics in this section, there will be two stories at the end that highlight instances of cyberbullying, along with the lessons learned from these stories.

The goal of this section is to acquaint the reader with the types of cyberbullying and the internet-related dangers, the impact of cyberbullying on human health and mental well-being, and how to successfully protect against or prevent such forms of cyberbullying. This section is divided as follows:

Unit 1: Cyberbullying and Its Types

Unit 2: The Impact of Cyberbullying

Unit 3: Prevention and Protection from Cyberbullying



After successfully reading this document, the reader will have acquired knowledge about the various types of cyberbullying, its impact on health, and methods for protection and prevention against cyberbullying. As a result, the reader will be able to: