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Module 2: Stay safe in the digital world


Staying safe in the digital world is about ensuring that one has privacy and feels comfortable using digital devices and online environments, without having their personal details or belongings unlawfully accessed or being harassed or bullied. This implies adopting good cybersecurity practices and behaviours and being conscious of how these practices and behaviours keep one safe, their strengths, and their limitations.

These practices and behaviours are increasingly important, as digital devices such as computers and smartphones, among others, store a lot of private information about one’s activities, including the websites visited, regular phone calls and internet-based calls made, e-mails and instant messages sent and received, purchases made, and, most often, credit card and bank account details.

It is exceedingly difficult to completely remove or clear all traces of these online activities. Clearing the browser history will make it more difficult but possible for someone to trace the device’s usage, and the same happens with other applications. So, the focus of this masterclass will be on protecting digital devices and online spaces from unintended access.

The core concepts for staying safe in the digital world will be explained using three related stories that represent three common situations: (1) accessing remote content in unfamiliar environments; (2) reading e-mails or other messages; and (3) connecting our devices with third-party devices. These three stories/situations together cover most of the situations that can pose a digital safety risk. However, one should always be cautious when using digital devices.



By the end of this module, participants should be able to achieve the following learning outcomes: