CYBER Night 2022

4th annual Capture the Flag competition for students at the facilities of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Slovenia took place on the 7th October 2022. 

The CTF competition – CYBER Night 2022 – is organised every year gathering all relevant stakeholders in the field of cybersecurity in Slovenia, emphasizing the importance of business-education cooperation in addressing the lack of skilled cybersecurity experts and technicians. This year we gathered more than 80 participants, both high school and university students.

CYBER Night is also celebrating the European Cybersecurity Month – for the 10th consecutive year, the European Union Agency for Cyber Security (ENISA) is working with the Commission and Member States to deliver #CyberSecMonth: the EU’s annual campaign to promote cyber security among EU citizens and organizations and ensure up-to-date online security through awareness-raising and good practice exchange activities.

This year’s central topics are phishing (a method by which online fraudsters want to obtain user data by pretending to be official services or companies – they want to obtain personal data, passwords to access services or bank details from the user) and ransomware (a type of malicious code that restricts access to a user’s device – the user cannot access the device, the data on the device is permanently encrypted and, as a result, is no longer accessible to the user, so to regain access to the data and the device, it is often necessary to pay some kind of compensation).

We will address these and other types of cyber threats within the scope of the AWARE project, so stay tuned for more!