AWARE's project Knowledge Base Featured

AWARE’s project Knowledge Base

The AWARE project focuses on the development of didactic approaches, methodologies, and curriculum content to develop cybersecurity awareness and competencies, as a priority for the VET sector. One of the main objectives of this project is the development of a Knowledge Base which is a tailor-made modular content, providing an overview of the context of cybersecurity and its current and future relevance. The knowledge base of the project is now fully developed and it comprises the following modules:

  • Module 1: Brief history of Cybersecurity and Ethical hacking
  • Module 2: Digital transformation and cybersecurity
  • Module 3: Threats in the cyber world
  • Module 4: Digital mindset and becoming digital savvy

Partners are currently focusing on the national testing of the materials developed for the Knowledge Base for ensuring that the material developed are relevant and respond to the needs of its target audiences (VET teachers and learners).

Following this, partners will revise and fine-tune the materials according to the feedback provided by its target audiences and proceed with the translation of the material in all partner languages.


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